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Perfect Pheasant at Game


Polish Ringnecks & Polish Crosses from our closed flocks are available:

  • Day olds & 7-week poults

  • Medium-sized

  • Strong & hardy

  • Hold well & fly high

We can also source French Ringneck & Manchurian from a quality supplier.

Partridge for shooting


Top-quality, closed flock Redleg partridges are available: 

  • Day olds & 12-weeks poults

  • Great holding ability

  • Manageable strain

  • Strong fliers

Mallard for shooting


We can source premium day-old Mallards, reared by us and available from mid-June:

  • From 6 weeks

  • Wild & grass-reared

  • Access to water

  • Strong flying strain

Order Pheasant Chicks


Both partridge & pheasant chicks are available to order from us at 

Knowle Game Farm. 

In our brand new 6,000 sq ft hatching facility, strong and healthy chicks are delivered within 8 hours of hatching!

Order Partridge Chicks
Rearing Pheasant Feed

From hatchery to shoot

From the moment our birds are hatched, they undertake a carefully planned journey to ensure they are healthy, hardened, and ready to be released into the wild. 


We pride ourselves on rearing challenging game birds that promise a strong flight on shoot day.

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