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Polish Pheasant Kent


Rearing Best Quality Game Birds

We believe that we breed the best birds in Kent game. We’re passionate about what we do, and we ensure that all of our stock is of the highest quality. We achieve this through our extensive rearing methods, modern farming practices, and the vaccinations and tests for our birds.


We take great care in looking after our birds, with controlled systems for our breeding, hatching, rearing
and transportation.

Veterinary Care

All of our birds are vaccinated against diseases including Newcastle Disease, IB, TRT and Mycoplasma. We rear to the DEFRA's Code of Practice for the Welfare of Gamebirds.


Our birds are reared and selected vigorously to ensure they are in the best condition for sporting purposes.

We also use a strict biological control system, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and guaranteeing that only strong, healthy chicks are being produced.

Strength of Flight

From running our own shoots, we've seen first-hand the popularity of our Polish and Polish Cross pheasants.


We believe this is a testament to our open pen and outdoor rearing systems that allow every bird the opportunity to strengthen and harden against all weathers and become "street-wise".

The positive feedback for our birds, combined with return custom demonstrates that our birds have strong powerful flight and hold well on
shoot day.

Quality Feed

We use only the finest suppliers for our feed, and this ensures the birds thrive from a premium quality diet.

Our over wintering birds have a maintenance diet which keeps them fit and in the best possible health.

For over 15 years we have sourced our feed from Top Gun Game Feeds and Duffields - both of which are recognised as industry leaders when it comes to the manufacture of speciality feed. 

Over Wintering

We rear our own laying closed flocks. Our over-wintered birds are kept in a large, open and netted aviaries during the winter months, giving them the freedom to experience a natural environment, while also remaining safe and disease-free.

In the spring, these birds are then moved to laying pens.
This ensures high-quality stock, reared in a humane but controlled situation. 

Our Quality

Rearing Processs

Hatching Facility

Premium Hatchery

After the recent expansion and build of our brand new 6,000 sq ft hatchery, we have the capacity to hatch up to150,000 eggs per week on our farm.

From egg wash to egg transfer, every step of the hatching process is meticulous and extensive in preparation.

Our pheasant eggs are laid at Knowle Game Farm by our closed flock hens and we import our partridge eggs from only the best and long-established suppliers in France.


Quality Rearing

We use a combination of traditional grass and modern veranda rearing systems, with pond access for our mallards. Each system we adopt will always include grass access for our birds.

We believe these approaches result in healthier birds without reliance on medication and prospers
street-wise and hardened flocks.

KGF Shoot Sept-20-97.jpg
Red Pheasant

Our Knowle Game
Farm Ethos

We believe a well-run game farm can have a positive effect on conservation and biodiversity, and this is reflected in our working practices and ethos.

Our selection of fresh grass for the outside runs helps fight disease and the need for drugs for our birds. Our team also works in close co-operation with St David's Poultry Team to continue our proud ZERO
Mycoplasma status.

Delivery Boxes

Reliable Delivery

Our Poults are caught late in the evening and travel through the early hours to be at their destination by daybreak.

We have a four-wheel-drive policy on our fleet of delivery vehicles to minimise stress and ensure a smooth transition to their new home. And our chicks are delivered in temp-controlled vehicles to arrive comfortably and in best quality condition.

Every consignment is accompanied by a delivery note that clearly states the number of birds, time of loading, time of arrival and other relevant management information.

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